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Written & Compiled by; Assoutudeen Abu Mubāshīr

All praises and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. May His Peace and Blessings be upon our Noble Prophet, Muhammad at all times.

It is still important to say to all Muslim brothers and sisters though belatedly, “Eid Fitr Mubarak”!! May Allah accept our fasting and all our righteous deeds in the most blessed month of Ramadan. Amin.

There is no gainsaying about the fact that no month is comparable to Ramadan in the life of a Muslim. That is why any sincere Muslim will always wish that Ramadan stays, or at least wishes to live the spirit of the month throughout the year. But now, Ramadan, 1441 A.H is over.

What’s after Ramadan? Do the lessons of Ramadan end with it, or continue after it? To answer this question, we shall briefly go over these lessons:

1⃣ Fasting
We’ve learned from fasting how to soften our souls, break our desires and performing the concept of Uboodiyah to Allah alone. The prophet (peace be upon him) encouraged us to fast six days during the month of Shawwal when he said, “Whoever fasts the month of Ramadan and he follows it with six days of Shawwal, it is as if he fasts the whole year”. (Bukhari)

It was the tradition of the Prophet (peace be upon him) to fast Mondays, Thursdays, three days of each lunar month, the day of Arafah, Ashourah and most of Sha’ban and Muharram.

2⃣ Praying Tahjuud
Praying at night was the habit of the Prophet (peace be upon him) throughout his life, and he used to encourage his followers to do so. He (peace be upon him) said, “Do qiyam-ul-lail, the night prayer; it used to be the good deeds of the pious people before you. It draws you closer to your Lord, it causes your sins to be forgiven, and it causes you to avoid doing bad deeds”. (Abu Dāwood)

Allah (may He be exalted!) describes his pious servants that “they used to sleep a little at night” in Surat Al-Sajdah.

3⃣ The recitation of the Quran
You must not stop reading the Quran after Ramadan, otherwise you’ll be among those whom the prophet (peace be upon him and his households) described as Allah says, “And the messenger said, ‘O my Lord! Verily my people have deserted this Quran.

And remember the advice of the Prophet(peace be upon him) when he said, “Read the Quran repeatedly, for the reason that it is easier to be released from the chests of men than the camel from its leash”. (Muslim & Bukhari). So open your heart to the orders and advice of Allah, and make sure that your wife and children learn how to read correctly the book of Allah.

4⃣ Charity
Allah (may He be exalted!) says, “those who spend their wealth day and night, secretly and publicly, their reward is with their lord…’

The prophet (peace be upon him) was very generous, like wind loaded with rain. Remember that Allah (may He be exalted!) will compensate you for what you spend, and that spending is a sign of having Eeman. Spending from your wealth will benefit you in your life and in the hereafter. The messenger of Allah (SAW) said, “When the son of Adam dies, his deeds will be terminated except in case of one of these three:
👉 a continual charity,

👉 a beneficial knowledge, and

👉 a pious son who prays for his father.

5⃣ Abandoning the Evil
Abandoning evil and sins is a must in Ramadan and outside Ramadan. It is the deed of the people of true faith. There is no goodness in a Muslim who doesn’t engage evil in Ramadan but as soon as Ramadan ends, he goes back to his evil deeds. Knowing that Eid is an excellent chance to wash the hearts from hatred and bad feeling, the prophet (peace be upon him) says, “It’s not allowed for a Muslim to avoid his brother over three nights. They both meet, but this turns away and that turns away, and the best of them is the one who initiates Salam”. (Bukhari)

So be better than your brother and initiate the Salam. I ask Allah (may He be exalted!) to bless us all, to accept our Ibadah, and to free us all from the hellfire. (Aameen)

And Allah knows best!

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